We are the premier pet nannying service in Northeast Ohio. Leave Them With Lindsay doesn't just watch your animals and walk away. Your family will be paired with the perfect Nanny for your pets!

What is the difference between a Pet Nanny and a Pet Sitter? Leave Them With Lindsay doesn’t see your pet needs as a line item on our daily task list.

Our Nannies are devoted to their clients. Once a Nanny has been selected to join your family, they are your nanny for the life of the contract. We dedicate so much personal time to your household that we are careful not to overload our Nannies’ schedules. This enables us to really get to know each and every pet: Does he prefer a brisk pace or a laid-back walk? Is he leash-reactive? What are his favorite treats or toys? Are there any health issues or medication needs? Does everyone in the family get along? Our number one concern is your pet’s welfare.

No nannies were harmed in the making of this picture!

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